Master Status - Active Books


BookAuthorLatest StatusDate
33rd Stree Christmas Series (NHP eBook)Robert Peek
490 Simple HabitsRandall Schroeder
599% Grace - High Level Review OnlyGeorge Ellis
699% Grace? How Free is Man's Will? (NHP Best SelleGeorge Ellis
7A Butterfly Soul in a Catepillar WorldBeverly Richstone
8A Great Gulf Fixed - NHP QPGeorge Ellis
9A Paralyzing RedemptionBrian Ziegler
10A Promise MadeNorma Downing
11Advent WomenLyn Fraser
12All In For Him (BMP)Gwen Thielges
13All Things Together (NHP)Richard Marshal
14An Unfathomable GiftJan Blonk
15As A ShieldDanny Pelfrey
16Be Thou My VisionGordon Jackson
17Beyond Any MaskDavid Hamil
18Birthday DevotionsMarta Linzy
19Blueprint for Marriage (NHP eBook)Gary OVerholt
20Causative Factors (eBook only)James Killebrew
21Causative Factors (QP)Jim Killebrew
22Certifiably DerangedLeon Greene
23Christian AdministrationTim Farabaugh
24Congratulations GraduateDenise Facey
25Cornelius (NHP QuickPrint)William Furman (Bill)
26Courage in the Face of EvilMark Shaw
27Courage in the Face of EvilMark Shaw
28Daughter, Where's Your Crown?Kathy Farley
29Dear Mrs. Noah (BMP)Roberta Damon
30DiscipleRob Kennedy
31Don't Miss the MiraclesHeather Goodyear
32Embracing the RaceLisa Preuett
33English River (CMP)Thomas Nye
34Everybody is a Hero (BMP)Jon Quitt
35Faith in Crisis (BMP)James Carroll
36Faith That WorksHenry Ehimetalor
37Finding Emmeline (NHP Pro)Robert Parlante
38Finding the Finish Line (BMP)Andrea Cladis
39For the Joy Set Before UsErica Fye
40Freedom\'s CallDouglas Cornelius
41Friend of SinnersKelly Williams
42From Ashes of Pity (NHP eBook Only)Debra Gray-Elliott
43From Trash to Treasure (NHP)Avril VanderMerwe
44God in a God-Forsaken Land (BMP)Gene Stark
45God's Plan for WellnessKathleen LeSage
46God's Presence (NHP Pro)Amilliah Kenya
47GrowBarbara Gareis
48Growing Up To Get AlongWayne Baxter
49Health, Healing, and Wholeness (CY Agency)Tracy Crump
50Henry's Christmas AdventureJohn Pletcher
51Hidden WithinJason Lancaster
52His Way (ZP)Thomas Wise
53How Can I Keep From Singing (NHP QP)Jackie Lawrence
54Is This Church? (NHP)Steven Teed
55iSin (NHP Bestseller Pkg)John Woolridge
56James and Lee (BMP)Gregory Bousquet
57Justice RevealedJim McNeff
58Kuwaiti SeekerJim Carroll
59Kuwaiti Seeker (HLMR)Jim Carroll
60Laying a Godly Legacy (NHP Pro)Amilliah Kenya
61Let There Be Light (NHP Pro)Gary Overholt
62Life is Worth Living (NHP eBook)Alan Odum
63Living in the Light of Jesus (Custom LS Job)Cindy Tuttle
64Living Victoriously in ChristCindy Cross - Lisa Vanderbilt
65Love LockRichad Rollins - Marty Trammell
66Mile MarkersTony Wolfe
67Nights Void of Darkness (NHP Bestseller)Joseph Klimek
68No Longer Rejected (BMP)Janice Broyles
69No More Peanut Butter SandwichesJeff Davidson
70On a Summer NightDiane White
71Overcoming Adversity (BMP)Carl Garrigus
72Pray and PlayBruce Leiter
73Returning to Praise (BMP)David Dailey
74Runner-Up (NHP Pro)Jonathan Karastury
75Say What? (ZP)Derek Nichsich
76Scars of the Heart (BMP)Lindsey Pickrel
77Seasons Shadows - HLMRWendy Farley
78SeedsGreg Belliveau
79Sharper Than a #11 ScalpelJeff Russell
80Struggling WellFred Antonelli
81Struggling Well (NHP Pro)Fred Antonelli
82Take Charge of Your Destiny (BMP)Mary Cates
83Tell the Whole World That I am Real (BMP)William Cornell
84The Adventures of June Bug Johnson (BMP)Charlie Crowe
85The Argument (NHP eBook only)Kyle Swinehart
86The Beauty of ForgivenessTodd Rettberg
87The Christmas I'll Never ForgetDavid Reyes
88The Coming Glory AudiobookPaul Swets
89The Fifth FavoriteGale Sears
90The Gift of Rest AudiobookPaul Swets
91The Power of a WomanAmilliah Kenya
92The Pretend ChristianDeirdre Reilly
93The Reflection in the Mirror (NHP)Robert Parlante
94The Rise of the ProphetRodney Coe
95The Ruby RingKaren Rees
96The Significant LifeGeorge Weaver
97The Sin of ForgivenessEdward Mrkvicka
98The Things We CarryClayton Griffon
99The Witness of Jesus Christ (NHP eBook)Thomas Kidd
100There's a Fly in My Tea (BMP)Crystal Ratcliff
101Up the River (NHP Pro)Dava Colcord
102Visible JesusBrian Edwards
103Whatever Happened to Evangelism?Danny Pelfrey
104Where Hope Blooms (BMP)Virginia Jelinek
105Workout to Reach OutJason Berry