Master Status - Active Books


BookAuthorLatest StatusDate
7A Call for Rain (NHP BS)Joseph Williams
8A Deed a Day (CY4a)Shannon Anderson
9A Great Gulf Fixed - HLMRGeorge Ellis
10A Promise MadeNorma Downing
11A Tale of Souls (Cover Only)Karen Rees
12Advent WomenLyn Fraser
13Birthday DevotionsMarta Linzy
14Building BarnabusBrad Dixon
15Cross RoadKen Snyder
16DiscipleshipPeter Charette
17Enjoying Well-Being (NHP Pro)Leon Pamphile
18Family Secrets (NHP Pro)Ophelia Sellers
19Fifty Shades of LightJody Burks
20Finding the Finish Line (BMP)Andrea Cladis
21For You My HusbandMelissa Moxley
22Foxes and Fowls (NHP QuikPrint)James Kifer
23From This TextBeverly Johnson
24From Within the StormByron Wess
25God in a God-Forsaken Land (BMP)Gene Stark
26GPS to a Joyful MarriageSandee Lester
27Gratitude GreensAmy Dixon
28Hell in HeelsMelissa Hudson
29How to Understand ChristianityAndy Moye
30If Jesus Had a ChildGlenn WIlkerson
31Jen\'s Mind Unwinds (NHP QP)Jennifer Ervig
32Jesus and His White HorseJake McCandless Tysone Ranes
33Letters to American Teenagers: A theologLee Weiland
34Liar LiarRon Klave
35Meant for MoreEric Ballard
36Milers, Monastics, and MissionariesRussell Ramsey
37Mom\'s Kick Butt (CY)Dianne Bright
38New Testament StoriesJoe Morris - Roy Ryan
39No More Peanut Butter SandwichesJeff Davidson
40On a Summer NightDiane White
41One Day, Two DayCyle Young
42Organizing YouShannon Upton
43Paraklasis Counseling TheoryGordon & Sharon Miller
44Priceless StonesJames Revoir
45Principles of Faith (NHP Pro)Des\'ree Moner
46ReconciliationGeorgina Prineppi
47Red Bird: A MemoirHeidi Peters
48Samson and Amish DelilahThomas Nye
49Secluded Summer at Hidden Havens (NHP QP)Wendy Farley
50Shoes in the Bible and Walking With GodPatty Howell
51Spells of Hell (NHP QP)Melissa Hudson
52Staying on the VineGordon Castelnero
53Struggling Well (NHP Pro)Fred Antonelli
54Surviving the First FiveKelli Smith
55The Coming GloryPaul Swets
56The Deity DebateTrevor Pollo
57The Fuller Creek Series - Vol IDavid Reyes
58The Gift of RestCrickett Keeth
59The Last Great AdventurePhil Wilson
60The Letter of AlonJohn Knox
61The Pawnbroker's RingJustina Prima
62The Road to SelfdomSteve Boehringer
63The Watch on the Fencepost (BMP)Kay DiBianca
64The Wind from the ShadowsJohn McKeel
65There's Reason To Be EncouragedPaul E. Murrell
66Through the Eyes of a ShepherdDarla Noble
67What Are We Chasing (NHP Pro)Joe Coletti
68Whatever Happened to Evangelism?Danny Pelfrey
69When My Mind Winds Up (NHP QP)Jennifer Ervig
70When Superheroes FallSandee Lester
71Whispering to HorsesThomas Nye
72Would You Do What They Did?William Hamilton
73You Got StyleRick McDaniel
74Zero the HeroShannon McMiller