CrossLink Publishing

How Do We Compare?

Check our home page to see our author testimonials!The unfortunate truth is that it is difficult to compare publishing companies since most keep their business practices and publishing processes very close to their vest.  But you can begin judging wisely with our simple 10 Step Test below.  

 [Download our answers and see how we compare.]

We recommend setting up a spreadsheet and contacting each company you are interested in to compare answers to the following questions:

  1. Do you answer all submissions? If so, do you have a service level (# of days) you commit to so authors know when to expect an answer?
  2. Is your publishing contract posted where I can review it before I submit my manuscript?
  3. Is there any cost to your authors during the publishing process?
  4. Can you describe your editing process?
  5. Do you require authors to purchase a minimum quantity of books after printing?
  6. What is your discount and return policy for retailers?
  7. How much does it cost authors to purchase their own books? Are there any restrictions?
  8. How do you calculate royalties? Can you provide an example?
  9. What is your distribution channel? Where can I expect to see my books?
  10. Can you describe your marketing program?

Consider carefully before choosing your publishing company!